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Current Version: 4.46

'di' is a disk information utility, displaying everything (and more) that your 'df' command does. It features the ability to display your disk usage in whatever format you prefer. It also checks the user and group quotas, so that the user sees the space available for their use, not the system wide disk space.

It is designed to be portable across many platforms. Great for heterogenous networks.

'di' now includes a Tcl interface and a Perl interface.

di Manual Page

di SourceForge project page

Downloading di:

Source: di version 4.46 (sourceforge.net)

Source: di version 4.46 (gentoo.com)


di is readily available for the following distributions:

Linux: Arch Debian CRUX Gentoo Linux Mint Parted Magic PLD Ubuntu

AIX: http://www.perzl.org/aix/index.php?n=Main.Di

HP-UX Software Depots: http://hpux.connect.org.uk/hppd/hpux/Sysadmin/di-4.46/

HP-UX Software Depots (no NLS): http://mirrors.develooper.com/hpux/downloads.html

Linux Packages Search (pkgs.org) (Arch, CentOS, Debian, OpenSUSE, Slackware, Ubuntu): http://pkgs.org/download/di

Linux Search (rpmfind.net) (RedHat): rpmfind.net

Linux: Slackware (slackbuilds.org): slackbuilds.org

MacOS X: Available through macports.org

Solaris: https://www.opencsw.org/packages/di/

I can always use access to older / less common operating systems to test on. Access to AIX, HP-UX, and Irix with the proprietary compilers are needed. If you can supply secure-shell access to a standard shell account for occasional access, let me know (brad.lanam.di_at_gmail.com).

di 4.35 has been tested on the following platforms:

AIX 7.1
CentOS 3.9, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 6.3
Debian 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 6-kFreeBSD 8.1
DragonflyBSD 2.10.1, 3.2.1
Fedora 7, 12, 14, 16
FreeBSD 4.9, 5.1, 6.0, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 9.0, 9.1
Gentoo 20120710
Haiku r1a3
HP-UX 11.11 (64-bit)
LinuxMint 11 (32-bit, 64-bit)
Mandrake 9.2
Mandriva 2011
MirOS 10
NetBSD 1.6.2, 2.0.2, 3.0.1, 4.0.1, 5.0.1, 5.1, 6.0
Nexenta 1.0.1_b85, 2.0_b104
OpenBSD 4.4, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 4.8, 4.9, 5.0
OpenSolaris 200805, 200906
QNX 6.3
RedHat 7.1, 7.3
SCO OpenServer 6.0.0
SCO Xenix
Solaris 2.6, 8, 9, 10, 11
Tru64 5.1B
UnixWare 7.1.4
Windows - Cygwin
Windows - MinGW

di has been ported to the following systems in the past:

A/UX, AIX, BeOS, BSD, BSDI, Convex, Cray UNICOS, Cray UNICOS/mk, DragonflyBSD, FreeBSD, Haiku, HP/UX, Linux, MacOSX, MirOS, NetBSD, Next, OpenBSD, OS/2, OSF/1, Pyramid, QNX, SCO OpenServer, SCO Unix, Sequent Dynix and PT/x, SGI Irix, Solaris, SunOS, Syllable, System V.3, System V.4, Tru64, Ultrix, UnixWare, VMS, Windows, Xenix

di License

Copyright 1994-2011 Brad Lanam, Walnut Creek, CA, USA

This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.

Permission is granted to anyone to use this software for any purpose, including commercial applications, and to alter it and redistribute it freely, subject to the following restrictions:

1. The origin of this software must not be misrepresented; you must not claim that you wrote the original software. If you use this software in a product, an acknowledgment in the product documentation would be appreciated but is not required.

2. Altered source versions must be plainly marked as such, and must not be misrepresented as being the original software.

3. This notice may not be removed or altered from any source distribution.


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Kudos for di:

Nice program. (JJB 1994)

Cool program. (CKV 1994)

Nice package. (MN 1994)

I just grabbed di from news and it looks great, ... Thanks for starting what will be one of the great sysadmin tools (PB 1994)

Thanks for a great tool! (T 1994)

If I may add my $.02 to your efforts (which I find rather exceptional, IMHO)... (SJW 1994)

BTW, nice program. Thanks for writing it. (MG 1994)

Thank you thank you thank you for the code,... Again, many thanks for posting the code. (BH 1994)

Great Utility! I love being able to specify the format of the output via commandline. Again, thanks for a great toy! (PK 1994)

Many thanks for your efforts!! (JK 1994)

Thanks very much for your efforts on di. (JC 1994)

First of all you wrote an excellent utility....(KM 1994)

It's great to have a Sun-like df again. Thanks! (JQ 1994)

(By the way, I stopped using 'df', since I installed 'di'. I like it.) (KH 1994)

'di' looks nice and will see much use here at 'liedus'. (RCP 1994)

Thanks for a new tool. ... Thanks again for a nifty file (BP 1994)

Thanks for this neat tool (RTB 1994)

Great tool! (PPK 1994)

Thanks for maintaining diskinfo! I find it *very* useful since I administer many different platforms. (EER 1995)

Thanks for the di command. It looks really useful.... Thanks again for the very useful program. (DD 1995)

Neat program, compiled first time, no errors, and it works great. (SR 1995)

Hi! I use your "di" program. It is great! Now I can have consistent reports of disk usage no matter what platform I am on. I use it on HP-UX, SunOS, IRIX, Ultrix, so far. Thanks a lot.

Great tool. We find it far more functional than even GNU df. Keep up the good work..

...thanks for writing and maintaining di. Its a really nice alternative to df, its what df largely should be. (GB 2011)

nice utility, thanks! (PM 2011)

Thanks for this nice tool, much better than df. (SH 2011)